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Lighthouse Network

EASPD's Lighthouse Network was created to encourage our members to share solutions and learn from each other. The network promotes peer-learning by bringing together EASPD members with certain expertise, and others who would like to improve their knowledge and capacity. In past activities, the Lighthouse Network has matched members together and organised peer-learning and training activities on the topics of change management, supported decision making, inclusive education and person-centred technology. These activities were held in-person and ‘expert’ members travelled to ‘receiving organisation’ members. In 2020, we had to adapt and take the activities online!

In 2021, all EASPD Member Fora have the opportunity to take part in Lighthouse Network activities. These group activities will include:

  • Mentoring activities involving members with similar interests
  • Training activities
  • Experience sharing
  • Short-term projects which are output oriented such as helping organisations develop certain tools and methods of working
  • Study visits.

Check back later in the year for more information on the activities held and any materials created!