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EASPD Elections 2024

In October 2024, the 4-year mandate of the current EASPD Executive Committee and Board will come to an end. At the General Assembly (GA) on 19 October 2024 all governance positions are open for election.

This page has been developed by EASPD to inform EASPD members and others about the election process.

The EASPD bodies regulated in the EASPD statutes and internal rules are:

  1. The General Assembly (GA)
  2. The Board
  3. The Executive Committee (Ex-com)
  4. Member Forums (MFs)
  5. The Secretary General

Please read our EASPD Bodies and Structure document, which describes the EASPD bodies, their roles, and duties extensively.

The positions open during the upcoming EASPD elections are:

  • Executive Committee (Ex-com)
    • 1 President position
    • 3 Vice President positions
    • 1 Treasurer position
  • Board
    • 13 Board member positions:
      • 8 board members with a portfolio to become the co-chair of one of the EASPD member forums on:
        1. Arts and Culture
        2. Early Childhood Intervention
        3. Education
        4. Employment
        5. Inclusive Living
        6. Person-Centered Technology
        7. Policy Impact
        8. Workforce Development and Human Resources
      • 5 board members without a portfolio

Eligible candidates

Representatives of EASPD full-member organisations are eligible candidates for the open governance positions. The representatives do not necessarily need to be the Legal Representative.

Places on the Board of EASPD require candidates of senior rank (e.g. director, Board member, CEO etc) from member organisations. Their candidacy must be supported by their employer. The organisation nominating the candidate must have paid its membership fee for 2024 or have correctly followed its membership agreement for the year. If successfully elected, candidates must serve in the best interests of EASPD as a whole.

All elected Board members may be elected for 2 consecutive terms of 4 years maximum. Then, after a 4-year absence from the Board, that person may stand again in any capacity for office for another two four-year terms.  All Executive Officers - except the President – may serve for a maximum of 8 years as an Executive Officer within an absolute maximum of 12 consecutive years as a Board member. After a four-year break, they may stand again for the Board (in any capacity). The President may serve a maximum of 8 years as President within an absolute maximum unbroken term of 16 years as a Board member and/or Executive Officer and/or President.

Application process

All candidates for any post on the Board (including the Executive Committee) must complete and provide the following documents:

  1. Candidate Information form containing:
    1. Employers Declaration Form (confirming the candidate will be given time & support by the organisation to fulfil the role).
    2. Candidate Declaration form (confirming their understanding or the role).
  2. Provide a brief CV (please do not include private addresses and phone numbers as the information will be made public) and a recent, high-quality photo.

3. Declaration of interest form.

The documents will be made available on EASPD’s Governance Google Drive here.

Please send us the Candidate Information Form in both Word and PDF format.

Please submit all application documents via one email to Ángela Corbí, EASPD Membership Officer by 31 August 2024, 23:59 CEST via

Voting rights and mandates

The voting right should be executed by the legal representative of the member organisation. In absence of the legal representative, a proxy is compulsory to execute the voting right. Please, consider that only the legal representative or proxies from organisations that have paid their membership fee for 2024 or have correctly followed its membership agreement will be eligible to vote.  

Please read the FAQ documents. If you still have some questions, do not hesitate to contact the EASPD Membership Officer, Ángela Corbí at