Our Strategy

To maximise the benefits of our work in Brussels, we focus our attention on three key pillars:

Have an impact over European policy in the areas of interest to us

Stay informed and update our members and partners regarding the latest developments

Foster innovation at all levels of service provision throughout Europe

1. Impact

Over the years we have developed both long-lasting and constructive partnerships with organisations and institutions throughout Europe. Our relationships with the European Parliament, the European Commission, and the Council of Europe, allow EASPD to have a say in European policy developments to ensure that social services can thrive and work to support disabled people in the best way possible. EASPD regularly organises seminars and policy events with experts from all over Europe, to network and exchange views on relevant policy areas.

2. Information

The exchange of information is another key factor in the work we do in Brussels and goes in both directions. We provide our members with up-to-date information regarding developments at European and international level, and our members provide us with key information on the issues they find most relevant to their everyday work. EASPD frequently releases publications including position papers and studies, check our publications page for our recent work.

3. Innovation

After developing and managing many successful projects, we have experience and expertise in this area. We use this know-how to support our members in accessing project opportunities and provide a space for them to exchange best practices.

Our annual provider forums in collaboration with local partner organisations, have significantly improved the structure of social services providers throughout Europe. We are also joint creators of the EURECO platform, a network of academic researchers and research aligned service providers specifically interested in developing inclusive communities. 

EASPD's Multiannual Strategy 2022-2025

Every four years, the EASPD Board decides upon a set of Strategic Choices which serve as a basis for our activities during that timeframe.

EASPD's current strategic orientation - "Moving Forward: Smart Transformation and Building Resilience"- identifies three pillars EASPD will implement  to increase the resilience of support services, to ensure the sector recovers from the pandemic, as well as to accelerate its smart transformation, to meet the realities of today’s world and expectations from those who draw on these services.


Read EASPD's 2022-2025 Strategy in English here

EASPD's Multiannual Strategy 2018-2021

EASPD's 2018-2021 strategic orientation - "Commit!" - reaffirmed our commitment to human rights-based support services and how we play an important role in granting access, participation and inclusion in society.


Read EASPD's 2018-2021 Strategy in English here


You can also read our strategy in Albanian, Bulgarian, French, German, Greek, Italian, Latvian, Macedonian, Romanian, Serbian and Spanish.