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Annual Conferences

Every year EASPD organises two annual conferences for members and partners throughout Europe. Find out more about our latest annual conferences below.

Upcoming conference

The future is now: Person Centred Technology to empower people and disability services- 13th-14th October 2021, Brussels, Belgium

The use of technology and the increasing digitalisation of our societies poses both opportunities and challenges to persons with disabilities and the social services who support them. Across the world innovative uses of Person-Centred Technology (PCT) as well as Assistive Technology (AT) are driving the provision of ICT-enabled services, which increase the participation of people with disabilities in society and improve their quality of life.

In many sectors the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the uptake of digital solutions; accelerated the transition towards digitalisation and driven innovation in the sector.

The current innovations of today are diving the future of support provision and the delivery of high-quality, person-centred disability services which promote the full implementation of the United Nations Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities. EASPD’s conference: ‘The future is now: Person Centred Technology to empower people and disability services,’ will bring together participants to explore the way forward for the use of technology in service provision for persons with disabilities.

The conference will:

  • Share good practices and the direction of the digital transition in service provision for persons with disabilities
  • Build on the impact of COVID-19 on moving online the services for persons with disabilities and present lessons learnt
  • Propose new ways to address the digital divide in the context of persons with disabilities.
  • Present the most relevant technologies in area of service provision for persons with disabilities
  • Present the latest innovative European projects on technology.

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