The Art of Inclusion, Disability and Diversity in Arts and Culture, October 2020 (Online)

The European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities (EASPD) in partnership with the European Network for Cultural Centres (ENCC) and Cope Foundation are collaborating on a major European Conference and international gathering on Arts, Inclusion and Disability / Differing Abilities in line with Article 30 of the UNCRPD.
This “Art of Inclusion” conference will gather, advocates, experts, policy makers, thinkers and inspiring practitioners leading in the field of inclusion, differing abilities, arts and culture.
This conference will be an opportunity to hear how arts and cultural sector synergies and cooperation with disability service providers and disabled artists form innovative and exciting inclusive opportunities open to all at a local, national and European level.   
The “Art of Inclusion” conference included:

  • Experiential Online workshops
  • Local and international practice from across the European Union
  • Thought provoking discussions and presentations
  • Inspiring internationally recognised keynote speakers.
  • And was an opportunity to shape policy in arts, culture and disability at a European level.