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On the left of the visual is a woman with disabilities smiling as she holds the hand of a woman sitting next to her. The woman on the left is wearing a watch with a grey face and cobalt blue strap and a grey polo shirt, and has short brown hair. The woman on the right is smiling at the other woman, and wears black glasses and a white T-shirt. She has long brown hair that is tied up into a bun. They are both sitting at a wooden desk that has an opened blank notebook on it.

Combatting gender-based violence against women with disabilities should be a priority for us all

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Celebrating Innovations in Mental Health Support

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A person is sat down on a couch with their head bent and their hands together on their laps. They are wearing a black T-shirt, a black hoodie, blue jeans, silver rings, one silver earring, a blue wristband, and a silver dog tag necklace. In the foreground is a blurred clipboard held by someone off-camera.

It's time to talk about mental health

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Man with intellectual disabilities smiles at the camera whilst doing a peace sign with his left hand. He has black hair, eyebrows and stubble. He's wearing a yellow lanyard with his name badge and a black T-shirt with white text that reads, "CLUB AMIGOS". In the background is a computer.

Back to school, back to empowering inclusive education

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Teenage girl with Down Syndrome with medium-length ginger hair sits on a grey couch. She rests her elbow on the arm of the couch and smiles, as she looks up. A mobile phone is on the arm of the couch in front of her. She wears a copper-coloured jumper.

2023: The year of navigating challenges and sparking excitment

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Five people with disabilities smile at the camera whilst sitting on a bench in a park.

Skills, skills... and more skills!

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The image shows a floor that is red on the top half and turquoise on the bottom half. The two colours on the floor are separated by a white line. Two kaki trainers are positioned so that the left foot is on the bottom, turquoise part of the floor, and the right foot is stepping onto the red, upper portion of the floor.

A familiar hello from EASPD's new Secretary General

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A darkened image of three people discussing a document one of them is holding. They all smile at each other. In the blurred background is their plain office setting.

The EU’s push for better social economy policies

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24 EASPD staff stand on the conference stage and smiling happily at the camera. 2 EASPD staff members are kneeling down at the front. All staff members are wearing a yellow lanyard with their names and job title on the card.

What happens in Helsinki definitely does not just stay in Helsinki

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