The Road to Employment for People with Disabilities, May 2020 (Online)

The Road to Employment of Persons with Disabilities is a very varied one. It takes many shapes, many turns, in a wide array of settings. There are some potholes, there are some detours, and there are some truly inspiring practices to see. In this conference, EASPD and LADAPT invite you to travel this road together to see what it has to offer and how we can make it a more comfortable journey for everyone.  

Via the conference’s panel discussion and workshop sessions, expert speakers and participants from across the world will come together to exchange and discuss how we can work to promote the inclusive employment for persons with disabilities.

Held on the 4th-5th May the conference will:

  • Understand how we can all work together to create new opportunities for the employment of persons with disabilities
  • Explore the impact of inclusive employment within the lifecycle of individuals
  • Identify the concrete steps that must be taken towards more inclusive employment in the EU
  • Learn from the latest innovative practices in the social service and business sector via the winners of our ‘Employment for All’ Award