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Innovation Booster Technology and Special Needs

The Member Forum on Person-Centred Technology (PCT) returned from a study visit in Switzerland.

On 21st to 23rd of September, a group of members from the Person-Centred Technology Member Forum attended a study visit in Switzerland, which they described as successful despite some initial difficulties. The group included representatives from EASPD members ATAM (Spain), To Ergastiri (Greece), Associació Alba, and Open the Windows (North Macedonia).

The visit commenced with a day dedicated to exploring inclusive employment practices for individuals with disabilities, featuring visits to Claire Boia and FIDES, two social enterprises supporting people with disabilities. Discussions centered around country-specific practices and common challenges, such as insufficient long-term funding and the transition to employment. In the afternoon, the group met with the World Health Organization's Assistive Technology unit, engaging in interactive discussions and receiving valuable insights into WHO's initiatives, including reports on global assistive technology and health equity for persons with disabilities.

The second day involved a comprehensive training session on innovation booster technology and special needs, covering user-centered service design, scientific approaches, and problem-solving. The delegation brainstormed project ideas, highlighting an accessible e-learning initiative for promoting political participation among people with intellectual disabilities. The visit concluded with a short sightseeing tour of the old city of Bern.