• Early Childhood Intervention

Study Visit of Karin Dom and practical training on Family-mediated intervention

Image of a young child wearing a blue shirt, playing with wooden toys on a table. He is smiling, and the room is sunny.

The Member Forum on Early Childhood Intervention completed a training on family-mediated intervention.

The Member Forum on Early Childhood Education joined Karin Dom in Varna, Bulgaria, in order to complete a training on family-mediated intervention that had initially taken place in 2022. During the visit, the team explored various intervention groups for children, including those aged 1.5 - 3 years, children on the autistic spectrum, a movement-focused group for children and parents, and a group for children with complex support needs. Led by speech and occupational therapists, they engaged with parents and observed the dynamics in each setting. The team learned about alternative communication methods, sensory stories, and Montessori approaches. They also met social workers and managers, understanding documentation and family paths in early intervention services. Interaction with parents provided insights into the benefits of different therapies and allowed for specific inquiries.