Arts and Culture


Arts and culture play a fundamental role in society and in our lives, yet persons with disabilities are often unable to fully participate and enjoy cultural opportunities. Article 30 of the UN CRPD states that persons with disabilities have the right to participate in cultural life. But in most cases, State Parties have neglected its full implementation. Social services play an important role in ensuring that the cultural rights of the people they support are respected. At EASPD we work to develop the skills of our members on the subject, through knowledge sharing, research, and projects.

Amongst our membership we count many service providers that are leaders in the field. They work to make art and culture an important part of their users’ lives and support the professionalisation of artists with disabilities. But support service providers can’t make big changes to access to culture on their own. Partnerships with other civil society organisations and cultural associations are key. Most importantly more change is needed at a structural level to make a real difference. EASPD is working with the EU institutions to ensure that appropriate resources and solid legal frameworks are put into place. Only with political commitment and the right environment can service providers, persons with disabilities and cultural operators work together to make progress on the implementation of Article 30.

Arts and Culture

What EASPD is doing

EASPD is committed to:

  • Information sharing and exchanging models of good practice in the field of inclusive arts and access to cultural life
  • Develop new European project ideas
  • Provide input to relevant policy issues
  • Serve as a platform to showcase art works and promote inclusive art initiatives
  • Discuss strategic and practical ways to carry out Article 30 of the UN CRPD and monitor its implementation
  • Support the development of instruments facilitating participation in cultural life and access to arts and supporting artistic careers.


The Revelland project has provided training in immersion, accessibility, and sensory effects to 6 selected bands from 6 European Countries! 


EASPD is pleased to announce a new partnership with European Platform for Sport Innovation- to promote innovation and inclusion in sport.

We are interested in the cooperation between disability support service providers and cultural centres. Please take a few minutes to answer our...


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Arts and Culture


Revelland focuses on creative accessibility and aims to produce multisensory performances at selected festivals in 6 European countries.


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