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Revelland focuses on creative accessibility and aims to produce multisensory performances at selected festivals in 6 European countries.

The Revelland project aims to work towards producing multisensory performances at selected festivals in 6 European countries. To prepare for this, the project offers training in immersion, accessibility, and sensory effects to 6 selected bands form 6 European countries. The performing groups and aspiring sense composers are learning and discovering how to integrate other senses in their performances and developing a multisensory set that is immersive for the whole audience including people with hearing and/or sight impairment or an intellectual disability.

Aims and objectives

Revelland aims to create a more accessible experience of live music performances for people with intellectual disabilities and hearing impairments by training musicians from 6 bands from different European countries to create multisensory performances. In this process, they will be assessed and advised by 6 local focus groups and 2 inclusion boards consisting of people with disabilities. The result of the process will be a multisensory performance by each band (which will last from 45 to 60 minutes) in 4 to 6 festivals in different European countries. 

Target groups
  • Musicians and musical bands
  • People with intellectual disabilities
  • People with hearing impairments
  • Festival and event organisers
  • General public

Revelland will the following project results:

  1. Inclusion boards and local focus groups who assess inclusive methods developed by music bands.

  2. Research on perception of audience groups of live music gigs and of accessibility of festivals. Dialogues on accessibility with festivals.

  3. Benchmark festival - adding sensory effects to live music performances.

  4. Workshop weekends, webinars about immersion and accessibility with a pool of sense experts. 

  5. Six inclusive and immersive sets to be tested on live performances. 


Coordinator:  Possibilize (the Netherlands)


December 2022 – March 2025


Nóra Györke, Project Officer, EASPD


Creative Europe programme (CREA-CULT-2022)

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