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Revelland hits Europe's biggest festivals!

The Revelland project has provided training in immersion, accessibility, and sensory effects to 6 selected bands from 6 European Countries! 

EASPD is part of the Revelland project that aims to produce multisensory performances at 6 festivals around Europe. To prepare for this, the project offered training in immersion, accessibility, and sensory effects to 6 selected bands from 6 European Countries: 

Lyra Valenza, Denmark 

CUT_, the Netherlands

K!NGDOM, Spain

Bratři, Czech Republic

The Anahit, Hungary

One Eat One, Italy.

The performing groups and aspiring sense composers have taken part in several workshops where they learnt how to integrate other senses in their performances. They also discovered how to develop a multisensory set that is immersive for the whole audience, including people with hearing and/or sight impairments and intellectual disabilities.

After the development phase of the inclusive performances, the consortium established a local Intellectual Disabilities Inclusion Board with the support of service providers in the 6 mentioned countries. These Boards attended the trials/concerts of some music performances and gave feedback on how to make the performance and music more inclusive and how people with intellectual disabilities experienced the music sets.

The bands had a chance to work on their performances based on the feedback of all Inclusion Boards. They then presented their dynamic live shows at the Sencity Festival (the Netherlands) in April before attending the European Festivals.

The Revelland bands are now ready to share their multisensory and accessible live sets across some of the most important live music festivals in Europe: Roskilde Festival (Denmark), Colours of Ostrava (Czech Republic), SZIGET (Hungary), Cooltural Fest (Spain), KeepON LIVE FEST (Italy), and ESNS (the Netherlands).

Keep following the project to hear how the performances went and get all the Revelland updates.

For more information, contact Nóra Györke at nora.gyorke@easpd.eu.