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Reports and studies

This report gives an overview of the EASPD e-learning platform, Knowledge Hub.

This research aims to provide useful data, concepts, and analysis of models of promising practices in the context of independent living for...

This study aims to provide an analysis of the situation of the social economy sector in seven non-EU countries.

The present study aims to assess the situation of sheltered workshops across the EU at present.

This report offers a framework for understanding the use of the Quality of Life Index for Inclusive Education to monitor educational areas of...

Man sitting down holding a mug and calculating his energy bills. The title in bold black font on a white bubble.

EASPD's snapshot report provides insight into how the rising cost of living impacts social services in the disability sector.

The 2022 edition of the EASPD Innovation Awards focused on the quality of services and is linked to our October 2022 Malta conference on the...

The report focuses on existing policies, prospects, and needs concerning support for older persons with disabilities in Greece.