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Study on Service Provider’s Implementation of Quality Approaches

The study focuses on how service providers for persons with disabilities are monitoring the quality of their service provision. Along with executive summaries in 5 languages!


The aim of this study was to look into how service providers for people with disabilities are monitoring and ensuring quality in their day-to-day operations and to identify the most useful and valid approaches to measure quality. The data contained in this study were collected from different countries covering 5 European regions and different types of social services. The first part of the document offers an analysis of the approaches and methods used by the targeted service providers to measure the quality of their services, of the similarities and differences between these approaches, and the opportunities that they can bring in the improvement of services. Drawing on these first findings, in the second part of the study, a framework to guide the monitoring and improvement of quality is proposed. An examination of the usefulness and feasibility of each element of this framework by service providers and other relevant stakeholders is then offered. Lastly, some conclusions and recommendations on how an effective approach to monitoring quality should be designed are provided.


Executive Summary

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Jan Šiška, Charles University Prague

Julie Beadle-Brown, Tizard Centre University of Kent


EASPD (2023). Service Provider’s Implementation of Quality Approaches. Brussels.