Early Childhood Intervention


It is only through the inclusion and support of children from the youngest age, in their family life and community, that they will be able to participate in society, be included at school, enter the open labour market, and enjoy the full range of their human rights. The aim of Early Childhood Intervention services is to empower families and main caregivers in creating an environment that supports their children’s development and acquisition of competences during their first years of life. With adequate support, parents and caregivers can provide the best, sustainable, and affordable support for their children, who can in turn thrive and develop in a familiar environment.

For Early Childhood Intervention services to be successful, they need to be designed with the understanding that all learning occurs in the context of healthy relationships between infants and children and those who live with and love them. It is crucial to ensure children services receive adequate funding and support to develop family-centred processes, and that their staff are trained in the model of early childhood intervention.

Early Childhood Intervention

What EASPD is doing

EASPD is committed to:

  • Collaborate with the Alliance for Investing in Children to push for better investment in services for young children
  • Collaborate with the European Commission’s working group on Early Childhood Education and Care to promote professionalisation of staff and better inclusion in mainstream services for young children
  • Support the implementation of the Child Guarantee in all Member States
  • Provide information, models of good practices and support to member organisations
  • Raise awareness on the importance and impact of quality, inclusive services for children with disabilities centred on the routines, resources and needs of the families and carers.
  • Develop projects that highlight data, innovations and good practices across Europe


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