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ECI Position Paper - Family-centred Early Childhood Intervention: The best start in life

EASPD has released its Position Paper on Family-Centered Early Childhood Intervention, highlights its importance and benefits for the child, family and the public, common challenges in the function of an ECI system, as well as national recommendations.


Family-centred early childhood intervention (ECI) is a field of services for young children and their families which helps to identify, prevent, overcome, or minimise at-risk situations.  These services promote achieving the child's potential, and family strengthening and wellbeing and should be provided in the natural environment of the child with the active participation of parents and caregivers. Family-centred ECI services are a key element in the deinstitutionalisation process as they empower families, contribute to prevent the placement of children in institutions and foster their inclusion in education.

The aim of this paper is to raise awareness on what family-centred Early Childhood Intervention is and why it is needed. The paper further highlights key challenges in the creation of ECI systems and formulates recommendations for the European Union (EU) and its Member States (and also other national governments) to establish quality ECI systems. Our aim is to advocate together for the right to early childhood intervention for children and families. 


This position paper was drafted by the EASPD Member Forum on Early childhood Intervention (ECI MF) and finalised in consultation with several networks and organisations active in the fields of child and family rights, and disabilities. 

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You can also have a look at the following PowerPoint presentation which provides a short summary of the position paper. Click here to view.

Point of Action:

As part of our initiative, we are gathering endorsements for the position paper from European and international Organisations as well as individuals.

If you would like to show your support for the paper, sign up below through the Google Form!

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Organisations/individuals that have already endorsed the paper include:


  • Autism Europe
  • Alliance for Childhood
  • Caritas Europa
  • COFACE Families Europe
  • European Disability Forum
  • European Parents' Association
  • European Platform for Rehabilitation
  • European Public Health Alliance
  • Eurochild
  • Hope & Homes Foundation
  • International Step by Step Association
  • Learning for Wellbeing Foundation
  • Lumos
  • Mental Health Europe
  • Make Mothers Matter
  • Institute for Reconstruction and International Security through Education (RISE Institute)
  • SOS Children's Villages
  • Fidelitas Scientific Execution Facility
  • Society Biliki
  • Perkins School for the Blind
  • Mali dom - Zagreb
  • Help the Life Association
  • The Foundation for African Empowerment
  • INSOS Switzerland
  • Social Care Training
  • Fundacja Imago
  • Humanitas
  • SOFT tulip Foundation
  • "PLOES" Psychosocial Research Organization
  • Republic Center for support of persons with intellectual disability -PORAKA
  • Karin Dom Foundation
  • KVPS
  • Institute for Community-based Social Services Foundation
  • Confederación Plena inclusión España
  • Agapi Papadaki, Amimoni
  • Paula Fernanda Silva Costa Pacheco Reis
  • Theo Maas, SOFT Tulip Netherlands
  • Dr. Aristea Fyssa, Assistant Professor (Special Education), University of Patras, Department of Educational Sciences and Early Childhood Education
  • Aoife McGarry, Policy Trainee
  • Zeki Boztaş
  • Vasilka Dimoska De Jong, Republic center for support of persons with intellectual disability - PORAKA
  • Akos Pordan, Hand in Hand Foundation
  • Vlado Krstovski, Centre for Support of Persons with Intellectual Disability - PORAKA Skopje
  • Ioanna Karavagelli, SLT, IPAP THEOTOKOS
  • Helene Jansky
  • Zeljana Zovko, Member of the European Parliament (MEP)
  • Petri Sarvamaa, Member of the European Parliament (MEP)
  • Milan Brglez, Member of the European Parliament (MEP)
  • Katrin Langensiepen, Member of the European Parliament (MEP)
  • Leen Verbeurgt
  • Mirella Giannakopoulou, Theotokos Foundation
  • Dr. Annick Janson, Plumtree Learning
  • Elisabetta De Blasis, Dott.ssa
  • Francisco Guerreiro, European Parliament
  • Mounir Satouri, Member of the European Parliament (Greens/EFA group)
  • Karlo Ressler, Member of the European Parliament (MEP)