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EASPD and UNICEF ECI Conference Conclusions and Recommendations

This is a short report that covers all the key takeaways from the EASPD International Conference on ECI in Albania.


Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) is a crucial element in shaping children’s development, requiring a shift towards a family-centered approach that involves parents and strengthens support networks. Quality ECI services deliver essential support to caregivers helping them strengthen their coping abilities and support their child’s development. ECI services are thus particularly vital and should be made available in the challenging contexts of war and displacement. However, today access to quality ECI services is insufficient in many countries, leaving many vulnerable children underserved and at risk of not developing to their full potential. To address this, public authorities must establish policies and systems to ensure affordable, accessible, and high-quality ECI services for all families in need. This report sheds light on the key topics that were discussed along with the final conclusions of the EASPD conference, 'Family-centred Early Childhood Intervention: How to make it work', that took place in Tirana, Albania on 8-9 June 2023.



Irene Bertana


EASPD. (2023). EASPD and UNICEF Conference Conclusions and Recommendations on Family-centred Early Childhood Intervention: How to make it work.


August 2023