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Innovation Awards 2022

The 2022 edition of the EASPD Innovation Awards focused on the quality of services and was linked to our October 2022 conference on the same topic. Monitoring and improving the quality of services is a dynamic activity which encourages constructive reflection and creative thinking, both of which are necessary for innovation. Measuring the quality of services for persons with disabilities is a challenging mission for most service providers. The challenges arise not only from the lack of a mutually agreed definition of what quality is, but also of how it can be measured efficiently, and further help services improve. Despite these challenges, there seems to be a general interest, also at EU level, to improve the quality of services and quality assessment processes.

In keeping with the theme of our conference, these submissions have focused on efforts designed by our members to improve quality of services, and thereby, the quality of life of persons with disabilities.

The 5 chosen practices help inspire support services to implement modern quality measurement models focusing on improving the quality of life of the people they support. They further showcase how such models can help service providers move forward towards better quality, empowering and person-centred forms of support, aligned with the UN CRPD principles.

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Innovation Awards 2022 Booklet

Our 5 winners of the 2022 EASPD Innovation Awards!


Imago Foundation launched E-Care Innovation, an online support and care service for people with disabilities. The tool provides effective online...

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EmploymentPicture of Gentis foundation making the application

In the field of employment, Gentis Foundation won the Innovation Award for the Cuidem Amposta mobile application that helps persons with...

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Humana Nova established the felt packaging process which has helped to increase opportunities for marginalised groups and persons with...

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Inclusive Living

The 'SAME' Model by Shekulo Tov promotes the meaningful and independent participation in leisure and social activities in the community for...

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Inclusive Living