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SAME Model: Shekulo Tov Group

The 'SAME' Model by Shekulo Tov promotes the meaningful and independent participation in leisure and social activities in the community for thousands of persons with disabilities, while reducing loneliness and increasing a sense of well-being.



Name of practice: SAME Model  

OrganisationShekulo Tov Group  

Description of the organisation: Shekulo Tov was founded in 2005 with the objective to promote social inclusion and independent living for people with psychiatric disabilities. The core principles of their organisation and their subsequent SAME model aim to encourage independence, social activities in the community, supported employment and the building of self-confidence of people with psychiatric disabilities. This enables them to realise their potential and achieve their life goals while reducing the stigma of mental illness and promoting social inclusion in their communities.

Country: Israel, Lod 

Funding: The development of the model was funded by Shekulo Tov 

Description of practice: The ‘SAME’ model is an innovative programme that provides social and recreational services to people with disabilities in Israel, aiming to enhance their independent social inclusion in the community.  It offers various physical and online social and recreational activities through digital platforms that allow for independent participation of users including those in remote areas. Examples of activities include social fairs, breakfasts, shows, trips and workshops. Participants can choose the skills they want to improve, the activity they want to participate in, the level of support they need, and the environment they want to explore. The programme is divided into different services tailored to people's needs and disabilities across Israel in Hebrew and Arabic.  

Impact generated by the practice: The main objectives of this programme are to encourage independence, participation in accessible social activities in the community and the creation of meaningful interpersonal communication. Ultimately, it enhances personal development, growth, and mental health, increases self-confidence and ability while reducing loneliness. The program has succeeded in changing attitudes, perceptions & policies, helping to reduce stigma within the community. Evaluation processes are conducted with service users to assess their satisfaction with the services provided, to understand their needs and wishes, as well as to examine their quality of life. In addition, service users are involved in the decision-making process through other models developed by Shekulo Tov, such as the 'x-10 model'. This allows participants who engage in these social and recreational services to take an active part in the design process of the different activities offered.

Scalability & transferability : The programme can be easily replicated and is relevant to any person-centred organisation that wishes to offer its participants a wide variety of social activities that encourage personal development, exploration, and independence. In addition, the programme has already been adjusted to different types of disabilities, age groups, levels of functioning and cultural contexts.

Contact Information: 

Dr. Yael Weinstein, R&D Director, Shekulo Tov Group 

'SAME' Model:EASPD Innovation Awards Winner 2022