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Social Services as key players in Europe’s sustainability transition: Unpacking the EU 2023 Strategic Foresight Report

Read this briefing report that focuses on high-quality social service provision in Europe's transition to be more sustainable.

Briefing Report 

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This briefing unpacks the implications of the 2023 EU Strategic Foresight Report for social services. Amidst a climate of multiple intersecting crises – on security, economic and social fronts – Europe’s transition towards sustainability remains a challenging endeavour. The report identifies 10 key areas for action to promote a coordinated intervention across all policy domains. Within these, delivery of high-quality social services is a top priority for delivering Europe’s just and inclusive transition in the years ahead. 


Galeazzi, Benedetta. 


EASPD (2023), Social Services as Key Players in Europe’s Sustainability Transition: Unpacking the EU 2023 Strategic Foresight Report.  


September, 2023.