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ACT Inclusive: Actors of Change Towards Inclusive Education

The ACT Inclusive project will raise awareness on inclusive education for students with disabilities.

Inclusive Education is a human right, as stated in Articles 4 and 24 on Education and Universal Design of the UNCRPD ; and Pillars 1 and 17 of the EU Pillar of Social Rights. Regardless, the realisation of fully inclusive education systems is yet to happen across Europe. Currently, schools across Europe are ill-equipped to embrace the diverse range of learners’ support needs.


ACT Inclusive aims at raising awareness on inclusive education and empowering students with disabilities throughout this process. The project will identify and stimulate the implementation of innovative best practices on inclusive education, besides developing guidelines for games to encourage inclusion in the non-formal education sector. 

The project will aim: 

  1. To raise awarenesson the topic of Inclusive Education
  2. To empower students with disabilities in the process of building an inclusive learning environment
  3. To educate teachers and school staff on how to manage diversity in the classroom and develop inclusive education
  4. To set up a mutual learning network & to create synergies among different stakeholders

Main target groups

  1. Students with and without disabilities;

  2. School Staff

  3. School Teachers



The project consortium will develop :

  • Country Sheets on Inclusiveness in Mainstream Schools
  • A collection of good practices on non-formal education activities promoting Inclusiveness in school
  • An ACT INCLUSIVE Training and Awareness Raising (TAR) manual
  • An ACT-INCLUSIVE Toolbox on non-formal education activities promoting Inclusiveness
  • A Comic book and an Audiobook on Inclusive Communication (EN, ES, HU, SI, FR, HE)
  1. Local Workshops on schools, including activities such as Art contest

Latest News:

Project Results:



36 months

December 2022 – November 2025


Ana Luiza Hannotte, Project Officer, EASPD