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The Helpdesk needs your help: Survey deadline extended until 15 November

The Helpdesk project needs to hear from our sector about the barriers which prevent EU funds being used by social services.

The Helpdesk project partners are still looking for more input from service providers and managing authorities about their experience with EU funding. As a service provider, have you ever considered applying for EU funding? What are the barriers to apply for funding or run an EU-funded project? The Helpdesk wants to hear about your experiences. To allow for more inputs, the project partners have decided to extend the deadline to fill out the survey until 15 November.

The Helpdesk aims to help social services get better access to EU Funds - especially to the European Social Fund + and the European Regional Development Fund. In these first stages of the project, we need to hear from our sector about the barriers which prevent EU funds from being used by social services, in order to ensure that this project truly makes it easier for social services to access EU funding.

Help us so that we can help you, by filling out this survey by Tuesday 15 November. The survey is available in 20 EU languages, and should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete.

In addition, we strongly encourage you toshare the survey with partners, local and national authorities and other relevant stakeholders.