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University of Galway hosts eVer safe kick off meeting

7 organisations from across Europe met in Galway to discuss the new eVeR safe project on safety of autistic persons.

eVeR safe project partners met at the University of Galway in late April to kick start the project on improving safety skills of people with autism in emergency situations. The 7 project partners came together to discuss the first few steps of the project. To begin with, all partners conducted a desk research on existing literature on the response of autistic people in a variety of crisis situations. On the basis of this literature review, a training curriculum will be made for trainers to teach autistic people the right way to response to situations like a fire or how to react when a stranger talks to them, etc.

During the meeting hosted by the University of Galway, the literature review and agreed to move forward with the creation of the curriculum. Eventually the project will also come up with some training materials which will include a Virtual Reality mobile application. The partners are set to meet in Lithunaia in September to discuss the status of the project. 

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