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eVeR safe

The eVeR safe project will provide curriculum to educators of people with autism on how to respond in crisis situations.


Education encompasses everything, from being book smart to being street smart. In emergency situations, like a fire, earthquake or even a minor accident in the kitchen, its important to know how to act swiftly. The eVeR safe project will help educators of people with autism to include in their educational material how to teach people with autism to respond in crisis situations.  


eVeR safe aims to create educational content for people with autism on how to respond effectively and appropriately in emergency situations. The implementation of the project aims and objectives will offer autistic persons the opportunity to attend an educational program based on Virtual Reality (VR) technology which provides a definitely high quality of learning. 

Main Target Groups

  • People with autism

  • Autism experts

  • Caregivers

  • Adult Educators


  • A curriculum consisting of units and learning outcomes for autistic people for identifying and responding to emergency situations
  • The development of training materials and a 3D platform (for VR and non-VR users) that will help autistic persons to develop the necessary skills and competences as described in the learning outcomes of the curriculum
  • A VR App
  • The development of a Trainer’s Manual that will help more sector experts to adopt eVeR safe methodologies and tools with more beneficiaries


  • Website 
  • Training of 10 certified trainers, staff from the partner organizations that will be trained in using the materials and tools, including the VR application to support people with Autism acquiring the aforementioned skills.
  • Training of 40 autistic persons that will use the project's tools, with the help of the certified trainers, and assessment of the results of these interventions