• Early Childhood Intervention

Becoming better parents with the help of family-centred ECI

Image of Artemis' parents on the right and white text on a bright red background on the left reading: Humans of EASPD, Artemis' family

Our fifth and final Humans of EASPD story follows Artemis, her parents, and their ECI journey with AMIMONI.

Artemis was born with a congenital cataract, which means she has visual impairments. Even though she and her parents were initially surrounded by excellent doctors who were experts in their field, the family felt lost and hopeless. It wasn't until her parents found the support of one of our members, AMIMONI, that they began to make major improvements to Artemis' vision and their family life.

In this video, Ioannis Frantzeskakis - the father of Artemis - shares his and his wife’s experience with the support their family received through AMIMONI's Early Childhood Intervention centre. He explains how they went from feeling disheartened to remodelling the home environment and space according to Artemis' needs, and becoming better parents to her, with AMIMONI’s support.