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Is systemic change needed to achieve inclusive education? Read the 'To Inclusive Education and BEYOND' conference report to find out!

EASPD releases the report of the 'To inclusive education and BEYOND' conference

EASPD has published a report on the online conference, ‘To Inclusive education and BEYOND’ which was held from 5th May-7th May, 2021 on inclusive education. The conference was held in partnership with CECD Mira Sintra, and the BEYOND Project. The report sheds light on the topics that were discussed across all five panels and 11 workshop during this three-day conference. 

To read the report, click here. 

The aim of the conference was to focus on the transition towards a more inclusive educational environment in Europe. The report delves into the various parameters that were used to stimulate discussions on the challenges and successes of inclusive education. 

The conference is broken down into key topics in the report, under which the speakers gave their insights. These topics include: Level of Education; Transition to Employment; Extra-Curricular Activities; Technology; Staff Training; Quality of Life Index for Inclusion.  

One of the most prominent conclusions of the conference suggests that even though individual rights exist, there is a pressing need for systemic change to take place. This would help to ensure that persons with disabilities are able to access high quality education. Secondly, training of teachers was quite a point of discussion as they play a big role in education being inclusive.  

Since the conference also contributed to building up on the  EASPD 2015 Salzburg Declaration. All key recommendations of the conference will be added to the declaration which will be released October, 2021.