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VIRTUS logo consisting of a line drawing of a person wearing a virtual reality headset, with the words "VIRTUS" underneath.

VIRTUS created an educational programme that entails vocational training adjusted to the needs of autistic individuals through the integration of in-vivo training seminars and Virtual Reality technology.

VIRTUS is a 2-years project funded by the Erasmus+ programme that created an educational program that entails vocational training adjusted to the needs of autistic individuals through the integration of in vivo training seminars and Virtual Reality technology.


The VIRTUS Project worked towards four main objectives:

  • raising awareness of the project’s outcomes to relevant stakeholders - such as employers, parents and caregivers of autistic individuals, VET organisations and organisations active in the field of autism.
  • enhancing the vocational skills of autistic individuals to raise their opportunities to secure and maintain meaningful employment and increase their sense of well-being.
  • making vocational training programs promoted by the project more attractive and interesting for autistic individuals by combining innovative VR technology with in-vivo seminars.
  • providing high-quality vocational education and training for autistics individuals in a range of professions in which they could thrive and certify the acquired skills according to EU standards.

The VIRTUS Project implemented the following main activities:

  • assessment of the workings skills and wellbeing of autistic individuals and needs analysis on autism and employment;
  • preparation of training materials for the empowerment of individuals with autism in the three selected professional occupation (barista, kitchen assistant, office clerk);
  • provision of training of trainers for mental health professionals and specialised professionals;
  • provision of training on interpersonal, pre-vocational and vocational skills addressed to autistic participants;
  • development of a hybrid (in vivo & through VR) methodology format for the pre-vocational and vocational skills part of the training;
  • skills evaluation and certification according to EU standards.

March 2022 - April 2024




Fabiana Scarano, Junior Policy and Project Officer

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