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SIMS: Sports Inclusion Media Seal

SIMS logo, which has the word "SIMS" in capital letters and dark blue font. The background is white. Above the letters is a five-pointed star with green, blue, orange, red and dark blue points.

The SIMS project aims to enhance media coverage of social inclusion and equal opportunities through sport.


The origin of this project comes from a finished Erasmus+ project "Europe is Moving: Sport inclusion through medias" (EiM 1.0), whose goal was to spotlight the level of media involvement in the field of social inclusion and equal opportunities through sports. The research that was done confirmed that media involvement is, in general, non-existent in this field.


The SIMS project strives to enhance the dissemination and promotion of the projects/events/actions that promote social inclusion, diversity and equal opportunities through sport, and aims to respond to the detected media needs by bringing two actors together: (1) the media and (2) the organisations that promote and develop inclusive sport activities and events (inclusive sport organisations). The latter does not have access to the media to cover their events and the media, in turn, do not make it a priority to do so. This is why the main objective of the project is to enforce the media to cover and promote sport inclusive actions by certifying the media that do cover inclusive sports and events; by giving them a specific seal after going through a certification process that will be designed and tested in the SIMS project.

Main Target Groups

  • Media entities - organisations that focus their activities in communicating and disseminating news. They could be private, public or both. SIMS will certify media entities from all geographical levels (local, regional,
    national and international).

  • Organisations promoting inclusive sport - organisations that focus on the promotion of social inclusion and equal opportunities through sport. They could be private, public or both (NGOs, schools, municipalities,
    sports associations, foundations, sports clubs, including committed Media, etc), local, regional, national or international.


  • Training modules, through which journalists can learn how to do inclusive media coverage of sports.
  • Certification and seals, where journalists and media entities can be assessed and given seals that reflects the level of inclusiveness in their media coverage. 


  • Website.
  • Pilot action of the training modules and certification process.
  • Certification of 10 to 15 media entitities and / or journalists. 
  • Monitoring and control report of the pilot action for all the media entities and / or journalists that have been certified.