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Safe4All- Safety 4 Disability: Inclusive Training on Safety & Health at Work for Workers with disabilities

Safe4All will facilitate the labour inclusion of people with disabilities through the creation of suitable and safe working environments.

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The ‘Safety 4 Disability: Inclusive Training on Safety & Health at Work for Workers with disabilities’ (Safe4All) project aims to contribute to the creation of suitable and safe working environments that will in turn facilitate the labour inclusion of people with disabilities. Via the resources that the project will create the Safe4All project aims to provide beneficiaries with the competences they need to deal with risks and safety at workplace and behave with respect for the safety of everyone.

Project Target Groups:
  • Persons with disabilities who will benefit from new, more tailor-made and appropriate training opportunities according to their learning needs as well as safer working conditions.
  • Educators/trainers who work with persons with disabilities who will be able to improve their professional competences on the project theme and their performances as well as promote the creation of new job opportunities.
  • VET organisations working in the project countries who deal with issues on safety and health in workplaces and will be able to increase their skills on safety and health (S&H) using the project results and will have learning resources available on the online learning space.
  • Public authorities who will have increased knowledge of good practices and raised awareness on the importance of appropriate inclusive trainings for workers with disabilities. This is turn will enable them to update existing regulations to increase inclusive training practices.
  • Small and Medium Enterprise who will have an increased awareness of the importance of appropriate training for their workers with disabilities and have better access to training from safety experts. This in turn will raise the safety level of their workplaces. Increasing of the continues learning opportunities of all workers.

- A handbook that will provide Vocational Training on safety at work for workers with disabilities.

 - A toolkit that will provide educators/trainers and VET organisations with the knowledge and tools to deliver trainings on safety & health for persons with disabilities in the workplace.

- A set of recommendations for policy makers and public authorities on how to improve safety & health in workplace for persons with disabilities through training regulation.

Activities and events:
  • 4 Transnational Project Meetings.
  • Short-term joint staff training.
  • National Multiplier events in Spain, Germany, Italy, Norway.
  • Closing conference in Belgium.

24 months