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CUPID: Cancer - Understanding Prevention in Intellectual Disabilities

CUPID aims to raise awareness through research on the need of cancer prevention methods for people with intellectual disabilities.


There is poor understanding of cancer prevention amongst people with intellectual disabilities. CUPID will establish a research agenda and knowledge base to improve this in the European Union and beyond. Among the European intellectual disabilities population, often cancer diagnoses are symptomatic presentations tracing back to behavioural distress or physical changes. Cancer deaths among this population occur up to 20 years earlier than the general population. 


Over the course of 4 years, the project will aim to raise awareness on the importance of cancer prevention among people with intellectual disabilities.

  • The project will create a research network specialising in intellectual disabilities, cancer prevention, epidemiology, health sciences, social sciences, education and other adjacent fields, engaged in knowledge exchange.
  • Develop and establish both short (Continuous Professional Development) and long term (MSc and PhD) programmes in the emerging areas of interest developed by the activities of the CUPID network.
  • Foster collaboration between a diverse network of researchers, including co-researchers from the intellectual disabilities community,that will build capacity to develop joint research initiatives.
  • Interdisciplinary co-production team

  • Cancer prevention policies audit and evaluation.

  • Universal EU Cancer prevention strategy methodology.


Tavishi Rekhi, Communications Officer, EASPD


 COST Action supported by the Framework Programme Horizon 2020.