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Be a Volunteer!

The Be a Volunteer! project aims to develop and strengthen the skills of young people with disabilities through volunteer activities.

The Be a Volunteer! project aims to develop and strengthen the skills of young people (aged 16-30) with disabilities, enhancing their employability and active social participation focusing on volunteer activities.


The project will utilise non-formal educational methods for the training of young individuals, with an emphasis on experiential learning. Throughout the project, skill-building programs will be designed and used to support volunteering coordinators and people with disabilities to participate in inclusive volunteering activities.


Based on observations from applicant organisations, there's a common issue across Europe: limited leisure opportunities for young people with disabilities. Few organisations focus on making these programs fully accessible and accommodating, which hampers the social integration and skill development of young individuals aged 16-30. This project addresses this gap by promoting inclusive volunteering, aligning with priorities such as enhancing youth employability and fostering civic engagement. By providing training materials and facilitating volunteer opportunities, the project aims to empower young people with disabilities to become active contributors to society, promoting their independence, confidence, and intercultural skills. This initiative is crucial for promoting social inclusion and personal development among young people with disabilities.

Main Target Groups
  • Young persons with disabilities, aged between 16 and 30: The project aims to support their participation in volunteer activities, aiding their integration into the community, and developing their skills and abilities.
  • Civil organisations and professionals working with young people with disabilities: They will receive training and mentoring within the project framework to involve and support young people with disabilities in volunteering.
  • Broader societal segments interested in promoting inclusivity and equality for individuals with disabilities.

To achieve its objectives the Be a Volunteer! project will:

  • Gather best practices in training as learning activities - The project aims to create a Competency and Skills Matrix, which involves researching inclusive volunteering and identifying desired skills for both volunteers and volunteer coordinators. Additionally, it will produce a Handbook of Best Practices featuring five exemplary practices from each participating country.
  • Organise a Blended Mobility – Involves a 5-day workshop where 5 participants from each country, comprising 3 young individuals with disabilities and 2 professionals, convene. During this workshop, they will receive training based on the findings from the Competency and Skills Matrix and the Handbook of Best Practices. This training precedes their engagement in volunteering activities.
  • Produce a practical toolkit (“Know-how”) on Comptency and skill-enhancing training for young people with disabilities (age 16-30) and coordinators of volunteering activities. The toolkit will be developed as a result of the Blended Mobility workshops.
  • Coordinate volunteer initiatives – Inclusive volunteering will involve 50 participants with disabilities and 10 assisting professionals from five countries. This initiative spans nine months, with each volunteer committing to 120 hours of service.

01/02/2024 – 31/01/2026

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