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EASPD inputs on the Disability Employment Package 2022

This policy paper aims to provide suggestions to the European Commission on the Disability Employment Package 2022.

The Disability Employment Package was introduced in 2022 to support Member States in ensuring that persons with disabilities enjoy social inclusion and economic autonomy through employment. 

EASPD's policy reccomendations on the Disability Employment Package an help support the implementation of the initiatives, including for instance promising practices and expertise, and we would be keen to engage with you in their delivery. This is particularly the case for building up the capacity of Public Employment Services, through the expertise of our membership involved in disability-specific employment services. The paper also focuses on quality jobs in sheltered workshops and pathways to the open labour market; a matter which is very much at the heart of our mission.

The European Association of Service providers for Persons with Disabilities developed this paper based on the knowhow, experience and expertise of our membership, representing over 20.000 organisations for persons with disabilities across 41 countries. This paper aims to provide support to the European Commission’s work on the Guidance towards Member States to realise the right of independent living and inclusion in the community for persons with disabilities.

Policy Paper