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A mother and her child waiting for a train to leave Ukraine.

Ukraine: One year on and remaining active

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Four white separated jigsaw puzzle pieces being pushed together by four pairs of hands on a shiny wooden table. This symbolises cooperation.

Meet EURECO, our research network!

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Four small wooden blocks are on a wooden surface and have the numbers "2023" written on them. The background of trees and greenery are blurred.
A landscape photo of a circular conference room with rows of people listening to the speakers. Some of laptops, some are writing in their notebooks and some are listening to live interpretations via their headphones. The speakers sit at the front of the room and their names and faces are projected onto a screen above them.

It's time to rebuild and transform disability service provision in Ukraine

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Lots of €10 bank notes spread across, and covering, a flat surface with a single small, green and sprouting plant coming through.

Should we demand more from businesses that receive public subsidies?

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One woman sitting in front of two women, offering them advice. The room is colourful, as it's full of banners of organisations involved in the project.

What we've learnt from ECDUR so far

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A Ukrainian flag of blue and yellow flying against a clear blue sky with some light white clouds diffusing in from the top right corner.

Costs are increasing. Service providers need government support

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