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Take a digital tour of VTC Margarita’s new art gallery

VTC Margarita launches their first ever digital exhibition showcasing paintings of young artists.

Making the most of the online sphere and bringing art right to our doorstep, VTC Magarita have launched First Harvest, a digital exhibition. This virtual gallery has paintings from the Atelier of Fine arts which stands for making art inclusive.  

Scrolling around the online exhibition room gives the viewer a real feel of an art gallery with different paintings that can be zoomed into for a clearer view. The purpose of the exhibition is to display the work of young artists who are kick starting their artistic journey. 

To enjoy the exciting art exhibition from the comfort of your homes, click here  

The Atelier of Fine Arts is a part of VTC Magarita which educates its beneficiaries about the importance of creating an artistic identity.  The Atelier tries to provide a framework which embodies creativity and liberation so artists can express themselves through their work.  

Additionally, they have started an initiative, Outsider Art or Art Brut or "art of the excluded" where artists with intellectual disabilities are recognised and a strong policy of inclusion of their art is carried out.