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SEURO project shortlisted for AI Awards Ireland

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One of EASPD's projects - SEURO - has been shortlisted for the ‘Best AI to achieve social good’ award.

In mainstream media, we hear a lot of the bad and the ugly when it comes to artificial intelligence (AI), but not so much of the good. The AI Awards and the SEURO project are here to change that.

The AI Awards Ireland is an initiative aimed at raising public awareness around, and support for, AI in the country. It showcases recent efforts stemming from academia and industry in developing new research, products, and applications of AI. From this, the Awards support the growth and development of data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

The SEURO project – which focuses on understanding how different EU regions can successfully use and grow innovative digital tools that prioritise the needs of individuals dealing with multiple diseases – was shortlisted for the ‘Best AI to achieve social good’ award. This is to recognise the project’s mission of addressing complex societal challenges, which include, for example, the maintenance of autonomy, choice, and control of older people with multimorbidity (the presence of two or more long-term health conditions).

SEURO will be conducting trials in Ireland, Belgium, and Sweden, with the help of 720 people living with multi morbidities and their care networks. In Italy, 50 older people with multi morbidities and their care networks will be involved in a trial. The trials involve using the ProACT platform, which is used to test the effectiveness of the SEURO tools.

There are 3 SEURO tools:

  • ProTransfer: A tool for self-assessment of transferability, designed to evaluate an organisation's readiness for the transfer of digital solutions.
  • ProBCF-C: A behavioural change framework checklist to optimise a digital solution.
  • ProInsight: A predictive artificial intelligence (AI) model for evaluating the influence of a digital solution on the performance of a health system.

SEURO is proof that artificial intelligence can be mobilised in positive and human-centred ways. It can help take great steps for accessibility and autonomy, and prove useful in supporting individuals living with multiple health conditions in their daily lives. This might just be the beginning of the ways in which AI can help facilitate the living conditions of many individuals.

More about the SEURO project

The Scaling EUROpean citizen driven transferable and transformative digital health (SEURO) project aims to determine and evaluate the essential factors for readying any region in the EU to effectively introduce and expand innovative, people-centred digital integrated solutions for health and social care, targeting the management of multiple diseases.

To achieve this the project is developing and implementing 3 new digital self-assessment tools. Each of these will aim to evaluate the transferability within organisations, optimise digital solutions, and assess the impact of a digital solution on health services.

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