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RTCN launches an eLearning platform

The RTCN e-learning platform has courses specially made for people with intellectual disabilities to improve their digital skills to participate in society.

The Right to Connect Now project has launched an e-learning platform, an accessible digital learning space co-designed with persons with intellectual and/or cognitive disabilities aiming to help in achieving social inclusion and autonomy. 

Carefully designed to serve the needs of people with intellectual disabilities, the platform is available in five different languages (EN, ES, DE, IT, GR), and hosts numerous numbers of online courses focused on digital skills development in a range of topics such as internet browsing, email communication, safety and security etc.  The courses available online were made using design thinking methodology. These courses will help the learner to integrate better into the ever growing digital society we are living in. 

RTCN e-learning platform

Know more about the RTCN project here

If you would like to get early access to the platform, send an email to rtcn@easpd.eu by mentioning ‘Right To Connect’ in the subject line and the information below. Due to its limited capacity, free access will be given on first come first served basis.  

Follow the instructions to register for the platform: 

Mention ‘RightToConnect’ in your email subject line and provide the following information:

  • Name of organisation

  • Country 

  • Number of students using the platform

For any further queries regarding th project or the e-learning platform please contact the Project Coordinator, Omor Ahmed Dhali, Project Officer, EASPD.