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Mark your calendars for UNIC's final European conference

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Save the date for the UNIC project’s final conference in Brussels hosted by EASPD on 13 September.

This year on 13th September, EASPD will host the UNIC project’s final conference in Brussels entitled 'Personal budgets: a human rights-based way to fund and organise support'.

For the past 3 years, UNIC has aimed to capture the momentum user-centred funding models are gaining around Europe. Since UNIC's conception, project partners have worked to support public authorities in developing, implementing, and evaluating the Personal Budgets system as an example of such models. With this final European conference, UNIC strives to bring together personal budgets holders and their families, public authorities, and service providers to discuss the role and functioning of user-centred funding models and how best to support them.

Save the date!

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