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Join the Zero Project webinars for scaling innovative solutions

The Zero Project’s Scaling Solutions Programme is organising a series of four free webinars open to all.

The Zero Project and its partners are organising a webinar series that will offer tools and strategies for scaling innovative solutions. The four sessions, which will take place in March and April, are designed and implemented by Inclusive Creation – the Norwegian consultancy facilitating Zero Project’s Scaling Solutions Programme. The aim of the Programme is to support social innovators in transferring their outstanding solutions for persons with disabilities to new countries.

This webinar series is public and free to join. All four webinars will provide English captions and International Sign interpretation, and they will be translated in Spanish.

Interested in knowing more about the topic of each session? Continue reading below.

Webinar 1: 5 Things Experts Do to Showcase Their Company’s Value 

This webinar will be a dynamic learning opportunity to shed light on the critical connection between the participants’ work and the broader societal landscape, including relevant laws or policies and emerging trends in technology and business. The session will also explore the power of storytelling and engaging activities to attract diverse audiences. This will enable participants to effectively highlight the value of their companies and to unlock new possibilities for growth.


Webinar 2: KPI Don’t Care: Top 3 Reasons Social Enterprises Fail 

Curious about the critical factors between the success or failure of social initiatives? This session will introduce the innovative Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) framework, in contrast to the conventional Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The webinar will help participants to understand how to steer clear of common mistakes and foster the long-term success of their organisation.  


Webinar 3: The #1 Thing You Can Do to Maximize Your Impact and Get Funding 

The goal of this webinar is to uncover the secrets of amplifying the impact of organisations and securing adequate funding. Participants will be equipped with strategies and practical tools to effectively understand, articulate and maximise their organisation’s outputs, as well as overcoming funding-related challenges.


Webinar 4: Unlock Your “Why” to Set Your Price! 

This session will provide insightful information about aligning prices to an organisation’s mission and vision. Participants will gain clarity, confidence and competitiveness in their pricing strategies by learning how to effectively present their unique value proposition.

If you are interested in learning more about the webinars and the Zero Project Scaling Solutions Programme, click here.