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iACT presents a MOOC on diversity and social inclusion

Image of a group of young people huddled around a laptop, reading off of it.

A MOOC on diversity and social inclusion has been developed as part of an Erasmus-subsidised project.

U Thrive Europe, a non-profit organisation which provides training and coaching services with the aim of supporting the development of skills of young people (14-25 years old), has developed a MOOC on diversity and social inclusion, in partnership with inart.  Founded in 2012 in Zagreb, Croatia, inart is an art association which deals with the creation and implementation of educational art programmes, taught in Croatian and English.

The MOOC in question is a digital course developed as a result of the Erasmus-subsidised project iACT in which both organisations partnered up, and had 30 young participants explore topics of inclusions, activism, communication and tolerance.

More about iACT

The project, iACT (inclusion through activism, communication, and tolerance) ran in between 2021 and 2023, across Zagreb and Brussels. The project was an initiative to enhance the capabilities of both partner organisations in working with various groups of young people, especially ones with less opportunities. This was achieved through international collaboration and combined efforts in creating new activities.

Its objective was to empower young people (ages 18-25) from diverse backgrounds and help them actively engage in society at a local, national and European level. This was done by fostering an understanding and acceptance of their own identities and encouraging to embrace diversity in all its forms.

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