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How accessible is your country?

Answer the survey by AccessibleEU on how accessible you think your surroundings are.

We talk about making policies, introducing to new mechanisms to support accessibility. But, what about assessing already existing laws and policies and checking how effective they are?

Accessible EU wants to know your opinion via a survey on the various EU regulations and laws that promote accessibility across all member states. The survey is in English, anonymous, and will take less than 10 minutes to complete. All answers will be stored for analysis purposes only. Through this survey, AccessibleEU will get a more clear picture as to how much are the accessibility laws actually being implemented. 

Take the survey here

AccessibleEU also offeres a space that brings together the individuals who share a common interest in accessibility, including digital accessibility, built environment, accessible transport, legislation, and standards. This is called the Accessible EU Community of Practice and can be found on LinkedIn. Know more about this community here.

AccessibleEU is a resource center on accessibility, working in the built environment, transport, information and communication technologies, and workplace policies and regulations to ensure persons with disabilities' participation in all areas of life on an equal basis with others. This initiative is part of the European Commission's commitment to promoting accessibility and inclusion across Europe. The Accessible EU Centre is a collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and best-practice exchange project to create a more accessible and inclusive society.