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EUC hosts DIG-i-READY project partners for a transnational project meeting in Cyprus!

Discussing how to make digital VET more inclusive, DIG-i-READY project partners met in Cyprus on 14-15 June.

DIG-i-READY project is moving one step closer to achieving the promised project results with their first in-person transnational project meeting in Cyprus on 14-15 June, 2022. Those who were unable to be there in-person, joined the discussions online. During the two-day meeting hosted by the European University of Cyprus (EUC), partners got together to discuss methodologies regarding the analysis of the good practices that were collected earlier in the year.

These good practices aimed at calling upon organisations, students with disabilities and educators across Europe to submit their best attempts at making digital education inclusive in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. With this collected data, the consortium moves forward and is working on the good practices catalogue that will incorporate the analysis of the collected practices.

DIG-i-READY aims at digital inclusion in the field of vocational education training with a focus on achieving two project results:

  1. A Good Practice Catalogue;
  2. A Handbook;

In doing so, the project aims to make VET in Europe digitally inclusive not only in times of a pandemic but also any crisis which may force the education system and even life, in general, to move online.

In the next steps, DIG-i-READY project partners will be organising a workshop at the ICCHP/AAATE conference in Lecco on 11 July, on advancement of digitally empowered inclusive education in Europe.

More information the workshop can be found here.