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EASPD MF on Arts and Culture invites you to a festival in Cyprus

Image of a person with a physical disability paiting on a canvas. He is wearing a black t shirt, and has short blonde hair. He is smiling.

European disability festival entitled “Dis: Art and Culture Disability Festival” is taking place in Cyprus! 

The EASPD Member Forum on Arts and Culture (with the support of the Cultural Organisation for Disability, Neofytos) are excited to announce the organisation of a European disability festival entitled “Dis: Art and Culture Disability Festival”!  

Taking place in Larnaca, Cyprus from 1 to 5 November 2024, the festival celebrates diversity and promotes social inclusion through arts and culture. We hereby invite all and any EASPD members to join as performer or participant!  

About the festival

The festival features a variety of artists with disabilities. The main exhibitions of the festival are “Dis”, providing a platform for artists with disabilities to showcase their work, and “Dis Young”, which aims to engage students in the world of art and disability. The festival will also provide a variety of workshops, performances, and film screenings, with the goal of creating a diverse and inclusive experience for individuals of all abilities. The programme of the festival has been co-created and curated in close collaboration with local artists, disability organisations, and community members.  

The festival hopes to have a positive impact on the community in general, as well as to encourage dialogue, serving as a catalyst for positive change. As we promote participation and accessibility, we hope for Cyprus to become a beacon of diversity and equality, where there are equal opportunities for all residents.  

More than just showcasing the talents and abilities of artists with disabilities, the festival will highlight their unique perspectives and contributions to the cultural tapestry of Cyprus and Europe. Adherence to the best practices and highest accessibility standards will be ensured by both EASPD and Neofytos.  

Apply here

Funding disclaimer 

EASPD cannot fund arts projects for this event, and applicants are responsible for their own funding process.