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AccessibleEU "Building Inclusion at Public Transport"

“AccessibleEU: Building Inclusion at Public Transport” is a workshop that will be held as a part of the UITP Global Public Transport Summit.

Despite its name, public transport isn't open and accessible to everyone – a fact that most persons with disabilities know too well. The extent of inaccessibility makes it almost impossible for persons with disabilities to travel independently, quickly, or in a cost-effective way, and the AccessibleEU initiative aspires to change this.

“AccessibleEU: Building inclusion at Public Transport” is a workshop that will be held as a part of the UITP Global Public Transport Summit - the world's largest conference on sustainable mobility. Public administrators and transport manufacturers will discuss how to make public transport more accessible for people with disabilities.

The workshop will take place both in person in Fira Gran Via, Barcelona, on 6 June, from 12.00 to 2.00 pm CET, and online. The working language is English, and there will be captioning in English and International Sign Interpretation. Participation is free but filling in the registration form is required.

Considering that transport is one of the shared competencies of the EU, moving towards the standardisation of public transport requirements in different EU Member States is crucial. Such events at the UITP Global Public Transport Summit provide a great platform for actors from different countries to share their new successes, failures, and possible solutions. The main objective of the workshop is to exchange experience concerning the implementation Design for All Declaration, with the goal of making transport accessible for all. 

The workshop is divided into two panels. The first one will raise the issue of transport accessibility for older people and persons with disability, focusing on legislation and implementation of policies in practice. The second panel will be more inspirational as it focuses on the stories of successful solutions and projects.

As a result, this workshop will provide the different agents from the transport institutions with the required tools and knowledge to comply with the fundamental principles of Design for All incorporated in the European Regulations.

About AccessibleEU

The European Accessibility Resource Centre (AccessibleEU) is one of the key initiatives proposed in the European Disability Strategy 2021-2030. The consortium which works on this Project is formed by ENATEASPDUniversity Johannes Kepler Linzand UNE  and led by Fundación ONCE.