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Would you like to co-host an EASPD conference?

EASPD is looking for co-hosts for our 2 upcoming conferences in 2025!

With our conference season over for 2023, EASPD is happy to announce that it is looking for potential hosts for its 2025 conferences, and applications are open!

Our 2025 Spring Conference is due to address 'Living a perfectly ordinary life: what role for service providers?', including leisure, tourism, disability card, and more.
Our Autumn Conference will address the topic of 'Evolving staff for evolving services', including skills, technology, attractiveness of sector, and more.

Your organisation might be a perfect fit for our future co-host if you:

  • Have expertise or ability to generate expertise on the topic of the conference.
  • Can formally commit to providing practical assistance to the preparation and smooth running of the conference.
  • Are able to hold the conference in a town or city reachable from major European capitals.
  • Are able to provide EASPD with a choice of at least 2 fully accessible venues.
  • Can prepare and provide a concept note and an outline proposal for an agenda of the conference.
  • Are able to secure co-financing or in-kind contributions for the conference.
  • Can possibly create a link to EU Presidency cycle.

… and most importantly,

  • Are a full member of EASPD!

If you are interested in making a positive impact in the sector, you can fill out the form by the deadline 31st December. Successful candidates will be informed by April 2024.