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Smart4Health project partners meet in Portugal for final conference

Smart4Health will host its final conference on 23rd February 2023 in Madera, Portugal.

Two hands on a light blue background, holding a red heart with a white cross on the left side of it.

After 4 years and many remarkable achievements, Smart4Health will host its final event on 23rd February 2023 in Funchal, Portugal.

The Smart4Health project enables citizens to manage and send their own health data throughout the EU and beyond, advancing own and collective health and wellbeing.

The main objective of Smart4Health is to make every citizen of the European Union able to access their own health data easily and securely within each EU member state. The Horizon 2020 project’s research consortium aims to realise this goal by developing an application that allows users to collect, manage, share, and donate their health-related data throughout the EU.

During the event, the current positioning and future perspectives of Madeira Regional Health will be presented, as well as how Smart4Health project has been used in Madeira Region. Partners will give an overview of the project’s main results, showing also Smart4Health’s platform. Many experts who contributed to the project and professionals working in Madeira Region will take part in this final discussion.

The event will start at 15h00 CET – 14h00 Portuguese time - and the live stream will be available on the project’s official YouTube channel Smart4HealthEU here. The programme is available here.