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New project promotes inclusive sports through media

Six people high-fiving in a park. There are trees with green leaves stand in the background and the sun is shining.

The SIMS project has officially begun, and seeks to promote inclusive sports through media coverage.

From 6th to 8th March, ENAIP hosted the first transnational project meeting of SIMS (Sport Inclusion Media Seal), an Erasmus+ project, at their headquarters in Verona. As the start of a 30-month project was being put in motion, the project partners put all their efforts in reviewing each section of the initiative and defined the work plan for the upcoming months.

The SIMS project will focus mainly on the promotion of social inclusion, diversity and equal opportunities in sport through media. If this sounds familiar, it is because its predecessor is the completed Erasmus+ project 'Europe is Moving: Sport inclusion through media' (EiM 1.0), which aimed to obtain a snapshot on the level of media involvement in the field of social inclusion and equal opportunities through sports and physical activity. The research conducted confirmed that this kind of media involvement is essentially non-existent.

SIMS aims to respond to these identified needs by bringing together two main stakeholders: the media, and the organisations that promote and develop inclusive sport activities and events. With this, a European seal will be created to recognise those media that report on social inclusion and equal opportunities through sport, especially those that become promoters in this field, in addition to being informers.

The seal will function as a tool to be used to increase their commitment and provide training to broaden knowledge, skills/techniques and values. Through this, they will increase the coverage of the actions implemented by inclusive sport entities and become promoters of social inclusion and equal opportunities through sport.

Practical information

This project is coordinated by Instituto España se Mueve (IEsM) (Spain), with AIPS (Switzerland), ENAIP (Italy), EASPD (Belgium), and TAFISA (Germany) as partners.

The SIMS project is an initiative within the framework of the European Commission's Erasmus+ Sport programme.