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It was all e-Learning games, Certification Schemes, and training activities at Burnout FREE's project meeting

A woman sits behind a desk and in front of her computer screen, which displays a Zoom call with many participants.

At their fourth transnational project meeting, the Burnout FREE project partners discussed their priority project results.

For their fourth transnational project meeting - which was coorindated by the Cyprus Certification Company - the Burnout FREE project partners met online on the 9th and 10th November 2023. Here, project partners focused on discussing:

  • Burnout FREE's Training Materials and Content for Professionals and Parents
  • The status of the e-Learning game they are developing
  • Their Certification Scheme
  • The project's Learning, Teaching, and Training (LLT) event that will take place in Portugal.
Day 1 - recaps and catch ups

On the first day, the project partners discussed the review and finalisation of their Training Material and Content for Professionals and Parents (which is Burnout FREE's second project result), and the progress of their Methodology Guide and Report on the Burnout Free ECI Pilot (the third project result), project results that are lead by The University of Zagreb and The University of Thessaly, respectively.

Day 2 - work in progress updates

The second day of the project meeting began with a progress update from Omegatech on the development of the e-Learning Game. Here, project partners were provided with an overview of the feedback from the partners on different aspects of the game. This included changes to the design of the game Avatars and the environments designed in the game. Further discussion centred around the translation and recording of various scenarios for the e-Learning game in the language of partner organisations and the possibility of creating more scenarios in each language represented by the service providers in the project. 

The meeting then moved onto the project's Certification Scheme, which was presented in detail by the leading partner, Chrystalleni Papadopoullou of the Cyprus Certification Company. The partners actively participated in the discussion on all aspects of the two certification schemes to be developed:

  1. Certification Scheme for the certification of Curriculum and Training Material
  2. Certification Scheme for Persons, according to EQF Level 5 and ECVET and on the next steps to be taken.

Last but not least, plans for the Learning, Teaching and Training (LTT) event taking place in Portugal were discussed. The purpose of the Innovative Train the Trainers Burnout Free ECI Programme is that the Certified Trained Professionals will be able to transform the Burnout Free practices and the ECI practices into a comprehensive map of Burnout FREE ECI strategy for fostering professionals’ and parents’ well-being. It will then be replicated at organisational, national, and European levels. The Train the Trainers Burnout Free ECI Programme will deepen the knowledge and experience of the participants, will bring out the unique strengths of each professional taking part, while strengthening the work of the group through teamwork and collective effort.

Overall, the 2-day online meeting was a space for fruitful discussion and collaboration. Partners left with clear direction and a shared understanding of how to successfully carry on and complete the upcoming project results. Stay tuned for more updates!

About Burnout FREE

The Burnout FREE ECI Project (Burnout of Professionals and Parents with Children with Disabilities: Prevention, common challenges and mutually empowering methodologies and practices in Early Child Intervention Services) is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme, KA220-ADU-Cooperation partnerships in adult education. The project is coordinated by Amimoni and managed by the Greek National Agency State Scholarships Foundation (IKY).