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Help us to improve personal and household services in your country!

Undertake the survey about Personal and Household services in your country within the framework of the PERHOUSE project.

Do you live in one of the Central and Eastern European countries (Poland, Estonia, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, North Macedonia, Romania, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovenia, or Bulgaria), and you wish Personal and Household services (PHs) were better? Then complete our small survey here. It will not take more than 15 minutes but will contribute significantly to the future of PHs. 

Are you still hesitant to take a survey? Probably, some background information will dispel your doubts.  

What are PHs?

Although each county has its own definition, the EU Commission generally understands PHs as ¨a series of services provided at the beneficiaries’ home, either care services or comfort services; these services are provided by a third actor and they contribute to the well-being of persons¨.

Why is understanding the actual state of PHs important?

As the deinstitutionalisation process continues, the need for more caregiving services that can be provided at home is also increasing. Yet, before expanding and enlarging the system, the current problems in PH service provision must be addressed. To analyse relevant issues within the sector the PERHOUSE project was launched. The project is funded by the EU and focuses predominantly on CEE Member States (Poland, Estonia, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, North Macedonia, Romania, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovenia, and Bulgaria).

What are the main aims of The PERHOUSE project?

The project is to improve working conditions and the provision of PHs by fostering industrial relations in CEE countries. One of the first aims is to carry out the analysis of the existing industrial relations. Ultimately, the objective is to set up standardisation and benchmarks for the working conditions of the service providers, the quality of the services, and access to them by implementing regulations. Thus, the project influences all possible stakeholders to improve the PHs sector overall.

Why is your opinion so important?

PHs are provided by the people to the people. With this in mind, the PERHOUSE project would like to collect the experiences of people who live in the country to better understand the real needs on the ground. As a result, every completed survey is a substantial contribution to a better future. 

How will your data be used? 

All the surveys are part of large quantitative research and will be used exclusively within the project framework to improve PHs in Central and Eastern European. Moreover, the survey is anonymous. 

How to complete the survey? 

The following link will redirect you to the English language version of the survey

You can choose the language from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner. The survey is available in Slovak, Slavic, Latvian, Lithuanian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Romanian, Estonian, Polish, Slovenian, Hungarian, and Macedonian languages.

The survey will take 15 minutes of your time.