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EASPD member Emphasys Centre receives Honorary acknowledgement from the European Commission

The Learning Hub logo takes up the left half of the visual. It is a blue location pin with icons of four people huddling at the centre of the pin. The words "The Learning Hub" arch over the top of the pin. "The" and "Hub" are in dark blue, and "Learning" is in orange. On the right half of the visual is a bird's-eye view of three people gathered around a white circular table with their notes and laptops out in front of them.

EASPD’s newest member, Emphasys Centre, receives Honorary acknowledgement from the European Commission for The Learning Hub initiative.

EASPD is proud to announce that one of our newest members – Emphasys Centre – has received an Honorary acknowledgement from the European Commission for their excellent work on their initiative, The Learning Hub. This means that Emphasys’ initiative has been acknowledged as an example of successful skilling actions by the Pact for Skills’ members across Europe.

What is The Learning Hub?

The Learning Hub is an innovative initiative organised by Emphasys in collaboration with the NGO CitizensACT. Following a human-centred approach, it aims to create an inclusive learning community that provides free lifelong learning opportunities to learners of all ages, regardless of their abilities, ethnicity, language, and background.

Keeping to its mission of supporting the learning of a diversity of people, all their upskilling activities are tailored to the needs of the target group of learners. Through various approaches such as focus groups, observations, surveys – and in collaboration with stakeholders at the community level (such as NGOs, schools, adult centres) – the groups of learners and their needs are identified. Among the participants are parents, youth workers, people with fewer opportunities such as seniors, early school leavers, people with migrant backgrounds, persons with disabilities, unemployed persons, and professionals.

Seeking to target a diverse group of learners, it also offers a wide range of upskilling and re-skilling activities in different areas, such as digital transformation, the green transition, civic engagement, employability, entrepreneurship, EU values, democracy, media literacy, creativity, and cultural awareness. All activities aim to empower learners through the acquisition of targeted skills, to raise awareness, connect, engage, and enrich their experiences, while ensuring access and participation in the digitalised labour market and society.


For more information, please visit the website of Emphasys Centre, or contact them via email at