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ACCESS to Leisure for persons with disabilities

Two people biking on a path in a forest. It is sunny and they are smiling.

ACCESS to Leisure project is holding it's final project event to showcase how their work seeks to make leisure more inclusive and accessible.

The importance of leisure is many times overlooked. Leisure is important for overall well-being and happiness. Being involved in your local community, participating in leisure activities, having an active social life- these are all essential aspects of life that can improve physical and mental health, boost self-esteem, and provide a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Unfortunately, many persons with disabilities, especially intellectual disabilities, face challenges in actively participating in leisure activities.

ACCESS to Leisure, an international project coordinated by the Hand in Hand Foundation (Hungary), seeks to make leisure more inclusive and accessible by developing and trialling a comprehensive training package.

As the project is coming to a close, you are invited to a webinar on 29 May, at 10:00.

About the webinar

The event will cover the final conclusions of the project, the research methods used, and give a general overview of what was produced over the course of the project: the manuals and toolkits.

The project’s inclusive learning methodology, which involved persons with learning disabilities in actively participating in the project and research activities, will also be communicated.

In sharing the findings and tools produced, there will be an emphasis on the 3 different target groups involved in facilitating inclusive leisure time: persons with learning disabilities, care professionals and volunteers.


10:00Welcome and introduction
10:10Inclusive and participatory project implementation
10:20Accessible documents and LTTA in Graz
10:35Local informal supporters - the role of volunteers
10:50The importance of partnership - the role of professionals
11:05Introducing the online platform